About Harmony App
How to Bring Harmony to Social Relationships
Today's world is spinning super fast with a lot of distractions. The most valuable currency is attention, and so whether we like it or not, it, in part, affects our ability to hear each other.

You may think that there is no problem in your relationships, however, your close ones might think differently. But how can you understand that, and, more importantly, prevent?

For this, we created Harmony — the relationship tracker.

Harmony is an app that basically helps to give and receive feedback about feelings. It can happen that you feel that your relationship is "awesome" but your partner, friend, or anyone you care about feel about it "awful." The good news here is that you can deal with it — the sooner discovered the better, — and this app will help you with this.

Why it is a good idea to track relationships

We spend most of our lives online, especially today. Along with convenience, it brings an imaginary feeling that everything has become easier and more accessible.

But has it, really? Relationships are a delicate matter. And while having an online life how can you know about other people's real feelings? So it's nice to have this kind of notification especially now when we have so many activities to do no matter online or offline.

Looking inside ourselves, reflecting on our lives — and relationships as the major part — is one of the pillars of the well being. Such reflection contributes to mindfulness, gives insights and makes communication rich and more intimate. And Harmony with its accumulated stats and analytics can be a good assistant here.

In part, some people might find it difficult to say that something is wrong face-to-face. Here, the option of sending a notification via an app may become a game-changer.

Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages says: "If we are to develop an intimate relationship, we need to know each other's desires. If we wish to love each other, we need to know what the other person wants." In a modern digital world, it's more relevant than ever. Knowing others' desires and feelings is the key to happy relationships.

Designed for all types of relationship — not just romantic

Your partner. May sound weird but behind all the routine you may be having sometimes you just can't see if something is going wrong.

Your relatives. A sort of "call your mom" reminder. Did it happen to you that you wanted to call your parents all day but forgot in the end? Tracking is a quick way to send your love in the meantime (but don't forget to call them the next day).

Your kids. Kids and parents often have a generation gap that in part realizes in a "tech gap." Talking with your kids on one language is cool, and Harmony can be a tool that can be helpful here.

Your friends. Nowadays it's almost impossible to communicate with your friends as much as you wish: you all have a job, a family, a hobby, other things to do. But you mustn't forget about friendship. Like with "the mom's case," having an app at hand that lets your mates know that you care (and simultaneously monitors the situation), can be a nice thing.

Your colleagues. First, the idea might feel like a bit of overacting but positive vibes in personal relationships create a conducive environment and affect your performance. And it's a good idea to ensure it. And here, giving feedback with an app feels much more seamless than asking them everyday face to face (which can actually be perceived as overacting.)

Best time to track? Today

Here permanence is the key to success. So it's a good idea to make it a daily habit.

First, regular tracking becomes a ritual that adds more sense of stability per se.

Second, it's especially important to track if any circumstances have changed: while you are on a vacation, or studying in another city, moving somewhere. You may simply not notice changes in your state, and therefore it is more likely to become out of sync with your loved ones.

At the end of the day, if tracking regularly, you'll collect data on a special dashboard with analytics and stats so you can see the big picture and make informed decisions.

The tool to raise mindfulness

The modern world requires more tools for self-care and care about others' feelings. We have apps for meditations, yoga and workout, reading, and many more — with their efficiency proven. And now there's one more app next to them — a relationship tracker.

Track your feelings, check others' feelings, and sync. Make sure you are on the same wavelength and let Harmony help you in this.

Give it a try: feelharmony.app