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Answers on how the app works and tips on how to solve most common users' problems
What is the Harmony app?
The Harmony app is a relationship tracker, based on the concept of mindfulness. It makes a habit of sharing and accepting feedback about your feelings toward others.

It means that if used regularly, you can raise consciousness and master the power of feedback and reflection. Ultimately, it leads to happier, more vivid relationships with those you communicate with.
Why do I need Harmony?
It helps you to pursue several things which are:

  1. Staying conscious. Why? We're overwhelmed with information, and oftentimes this diverts our attention from one of the essential pillars of well-being -- the communication.

  2. Giving feedback easily and more often. Why? For many of us, it's hard to share one's feelings. Simultaneously, this is essential for being on the same page and building stronger relationships.

  3. Resolving tough situations. Why? It's even harder to share feelings when things aren't bright. But here the app provides an easy and careful way to let the other know when something isn't OK.

How does Harmony work?
In short
You add your friends and family, and then each two of you mutually track your relationship, privately.

In details
You add a member from your contacts. →
They accept the invite and get into the app. →
You share how you feel about them. →
They get a notification to share their feelings toward you. →
The app compares the estimations and calculates the level of mutual understanding. →
(You can add as many people as you want.) →
If you estimate relationships regularly, you get the cumulative stats and tips on how to work on them.

Why do I need to track my relationships?
Because relationships are one of the essential areas of our lives, and happy relationships are a necessary condition in living a happy life.

And the good news is we can influence it!
How often is it advised to track relationships?
Every day — so you can see the true progress of your relationship.

So it's crucial to make a habit out of it. But don't worry, the estimation takes just a few seconds per member, and push notifications won't let you forget about it.
Why does Harmony ask for my cell phone number?
We need it to connect you with your contacts and restore your data in case you logged out of the app.

We shall never pass it to third parties or collect private information. For more details, please, Check the Privacy Policy.
How does Harmony calculate the %-rates in Statistics?
We compare your estimations and those of the other person and derive correlations. We take into account how estimations match and whether they're positive or negative.
  • Say, if you both feel 🥰, you get 100%;
  • If you both feel 😩, you get 0%;
  • If your partner says 😩, and you say 🥰, you get 15%;
And so on.
When will I see the stats?
As soon as we collect enough data to reflect progress. It usually takes a few days. Just keep sharing your feelings! :-)
I didn't receive the sms
Make sure you entered your number starting with +, e.g. +198778998687.

If it won't work, please, contact us via
There isn't anybody in my circle
You need to add people from your contacts first. For this, go to "Circle" → "Add a person."
The contact list is empty
Please, check in the "Settings" if you granted Harmony access to your contacts.

On iOs
Go to "Settings," scroll down to the Harmony app, select "Notifications," and make sure the toggle "Allow notifications" is on.

On Android
Go to "Settings" → "Permissions" → "Permissions (again)," find the Harmony app, and make sure you have a green tick next to "Read contacts;" if not, tap "Read contacts" and select "Allow."
I'm not receiving push notifications
Please, check in the "Settings" if you had granted Harmony access to your contacts.

On iOs
Go to "Settings," scroll down to the Harmony app, and make sure the toggle "Contacts" is on.

On Android
Go to "Settings" → "All applications," find the Harmony app, then → "Notifications," and make sure the toggle "Show notifications" is on.
I added a member, but nothing happened
Three most probable reasons:

  • They haven't installed the app. → Ask directly or invite them again.
  • They haven't estimated you back yet. → Wait a bit more or tell them more about Harmony and ask their opinion whether they're on it
  • You don't have their cell phone number in your contacts. → Add the number and try again.
I downloaded the app, but nothing happens
You need to log into the app, add some people from your circle, share your feelings, and wait for your invitees to join.

So, just open Harmony now and it will lead you through all the steps!